How do I get a book on reserve?

You may place library books or personal books on hard copy reserve.

  1. Go to your course either in Sakai or in the Library Reserves website.
  2. Select the "Add Reserve" button and then the "New Reserve" link from the menu.
  3. Select the button for "Book".
  4. Fill in the Form and click save. For more help select the "How to use this page." link.


  • Get your requests in early. We can take requests six (6) months in advance. Early requests allow staff the time to obtain the proper permissions for use.
  • Please provide the full citation for faster processing of your requests.
  • Provide the material yourself. We will be happy to retrieve your requested books if they are owned by the library; however, this can delay processing time.

Checked Out Books

Any library owned books which are needed for Reserves and are checked out by another patron will be recalled by us. Once the recall is made the patron will have seven (7) days to return the book, which can delay processing. We will place orders for books that the library does not own which are needed for a course. Orders are given a "rush" priority and we generally obtain them within 2-4 weeks, but it can take longer depending on the availability of the item.

Unless we are notified otherwise, all books will stay on reserve until the end of the academic semester. At that time Reserve staff will remove all items from Course Reserves and return hard copy items back to the general collection.

Contact Information

Library Reserves

Therese Bauters
Supervisor, Reserves and ILL Lending
Phone: 631-6188

Reserves Processing Team
Phone: 631-7578

Video Reserves

Patrick Rader
Media Digitization Specialist
Phone: 631-3099